Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in baltimore, md

Give your employees the fresh air they deserve with help from Central Air Duct Cleaning. We provide commercial air duct cleaning for all kinds of businesses, including hospitals, schools, retail centers, offices, government buildings, and more in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding areas. Dirty HVAC systems can result in poor air quality and higher utility bills, and not to mention decreased worker productivity, health, and morale. NADCA recommends getting commercial air ducts cleaned after renovations or remodeling services and as part of an indoor air management program.

Property Managers, business owners, facilities managers: We will meet with you to discuss your indoor air quality problems and provide HVAC system inspections and documentation to help determine if air duct cleaning is warranted.

Air Handler Renovations

Your air handling units are an integral part of your HVAC system. Over the years dirt, rust, deterioration, and even mold can affect indoor air quality and waste money. We can add years of life to your old air handler by cleaning and installing new insulation, by restoring rusted, corroded, or contaminated components, and by relining old rusted drain pans.
  • Replace deteriorated insulation
  • Re-line with Armacell insulation
  • Drain pan restoration, leak sealing
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Maintenance For Commercial Dryer Vents

Central Air Duct Cleaning can keep your commercial dryers in top condition. Set up your commercial dryer vent cleaning maintenance program today to avoid a potential fire hazard. Signs your vent should be cleaned include:
  • If it takes more than 50 minutes to dry items
  • If dryer is getting extremely hot during use
  • If lint is building up behind the dryer or exhaust vent
If your air ducts become damaged during a fire or flood, contact us. Our trained professionals can restore your damaged air ducts to pre-disaster condition. We have all the necessary equipment to handle all types of problems, from scorched to moldy ductwork. Our team can apply sealers and anti-microbial sprays to prevent further incidences.
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